SAN MATEO, California—December 12, 2012—The American Institute of Architects (AIA) San Mateo Chapter announced DES Architects + Engineers as the winner of three awards at the 2012 AIA SMC Design Awards this year at Poplar Creek Grill:


  • Citation for Public Architecture: 265 Lytton Avenue, Palo Alto — this beautiful Spanish-style mixed-use building considerately integrates historic architectural elements and downtown Palo Alto’s character.
  • Citation for Interior Architecture: Venture Capital Firm, New York City — a 30-day designed and delivered project capitalized on natural light and 180 degree views of Midtown Manhattan, resulting in a clean, open environment that reflects the vitality of the VC industry.
  • 2012 Emerging Professional Award: Christina Agudelo — she was recognized as a rising star in the architectural industry for her work coordinating the LEED certification process for over 3.5 million square feet of projects and integrating a sustainable design approach across DES’ projects.

The awards jury praised the two honored projects wholeheartedly. In regards to the Spanish Style mixed-use center in downtown Palo Alto, the jury boasted it’s “a perfect fit in Palo Alto”.  The AIA SMC’s public architecture awards recognize significant projects developed with a confident sense of place, ecology, history and purpose. The 37,765-sf building includes an adjoining courtyard, which was completely redeveloped with aesthetic elements including the preservation of a centrally located signature oak tree.

The venture capital project was truly an efficient blend of design space and time management for the 30 day design/completion timeframe of this 3,400-sf tenant renovation in the 80 year old PortAuthorityBuilding. The interior architecture awards recognize excellence in design and construction of residential, commercial and institutional interiors with a specific emphasis on relative place and purpose. The renovation was “very effective…the way it was designed really made it seem like a much larger space,” the awards jury noted.

About the AIA San Mateo County:

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