Innovation + Creativity
Hard work + Celebration
Positive Attitude

Using these values as our compass, our firm is a professional family.
Dependable to our clients and our team, we strive to foster a community by listening and responding to their needs.


DES believes in mentoring and continuous education – providing an environment that nurtures growth and career advancement.  We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, flexible schedule, many special events and services and a great work environment.If you are interested in applying for employment at DES, please click below to view our open positions and apply today!

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Benefits for the whole you

We offer a wide range of benefit options to support our incredible team, who make what we do possible. We strive to provide premiere benefit plan options that support health and financial wellness. DES covers 100% of employee premiums for health and welfare benefits, while offering a variety of pre- and post-tax supplemental benefit offerings to support the varying needs of our team. As financial fitness is also important, we offer a retirement savings plan with a generous employer match, profit sharing, and free financial advisory support along the way to help you reach your financial goals.

diversity, equity & inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are at the forefront of our company culture with our diverse population of employees from all around the globe working together to design creative and functional spaces. Our community outreach efforts are focused on educating the next generation of architects, engineers and designers through hands-on workshops and career round tables. We are proud to fund scholarships for under represented youth in architecture as we strive to promote diversity in the field. We partner and are active members of the National Organization of Minority Architects(NOMA) on recruitment and diversity initiatives at the local and national level. Finally, we enjoy time together as a team learning about each other’s cultures through educational events, meals and sharing of traditions to deepen our understanding for one another.  DES is proud of the makeup of our workforce and emphasizes continuing education in relation to diversity as a part of our company culture and how we operate on a daily basis.

Professional Associations & Licensing

An important part of DES’ culture is extending the opportunity for career development opportunities to our team. We believe that ongoing learning and staying current in our field of expertise is a must within the constantly changing environment that we work and live in.

For those working towards licensure, we have the resources to help get you there. Our training sessions offer a combination of group and individual training in both technical and professional areas. We assist with study materials and resources, support, motivation, and training. We pay 100% of professional licensing fees for our team and reimburse for exams and renewals. We celebrate each other’s achievements as a team and offer a congratulatory bonus for a job well done.

Career Development & Training

Continuous learning is an important part of DES’ culture. DES has a successful career development program where all employees are given a generous education stipend to drive their career forward. We foster a supportive environment of continuous learning and encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity. Upon starting with DES, you will have the opportunity to discuss and outline career development aspirations with the support of your partner and coach’s guidance. Ongoing timely feedback and support to help you reach your goals is a critical part of this program. The sky is the limit!

health & wellness

At DES we take health and wellness for the whole you seriously. We incorporate physical and mental health and wellbeing as a part of our company culture. On the physical fitness side we offer motivational individual and team fitness challenges coupled with our Fitness Factor program (15+ years and going strong). We believe that fitness is comprised of five basic areas that support the whole you: physical, financial, emotional, sustainable and community.