Our culture is
built on five
core values
hard work+celebration
positive attitude

Using these values as our compass, our firm is a professional family. Dependable to our clients and our team, we strive to foster a community by listening and responding to their needs.

career development

DES is committed to the professional growth of every employee and establishes an individual Career Development Plan for all employees. Each employee receives an annual career development stipend complete with paid training hours. A program has been designed specifically for professional licensing which we refer to as “Licensing Track”. The company provides study resources, support, motivation, training and mock exam testing for the employees, as well as reimbursement for fees and a licensing bonus.Also incorporated in the Career Development program are project site visits, vendor presentation lunches, lessons learned seminars/events and design charettes.

health & wellness

We take health and wellness very seriously. Our Fitness Factor program was established in 2003 and we use a seasonal approach by introducing a schedule of activities each quarter. We believe that fitness is comprised of five basic areas: physical, financial, emotional, sustainable and community. We also provide employees with a monthly fitness stipend.

diversity, equity & inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are at the forefront of our company culture. We have a diverse population of employees from all around the globe working together to design creative and functional spaces for our clients. From funding a scholarship in Architecture & Engineering for Black youths to working directly with NOMA (National Organization of Minority Architects) to identify recruiting opportunities we have a long-term plan to increase representation in both our profession and our firm. DES is proud of the makeup of our workforce and emphasizes education and inclusion in relation to diversity as a part of our company culture and how we operate on a daily basis.


DES pays 100% of employee benefit premiums to assure that our staff is well taken care of and offers a wide range of benefits including three medical, dental and vision options, life insurance, short/long term disability coverage, flexible spending account, employee assistance program, 401k and profit sharing, vacation, sick leave and paid holidays.

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