REDWOOD CITY, California—December 21, 2012—For its second consecutive year, DES’ “High Tea Talk” program offers employees the opportunity to share their experience, knowledge, and passion to fellow colleagues over wine and appetizers. This year, DES hosted 25 “High Tea Talks” with topics ranging from “The Architecture of Middle Earth” to “Digital Photography.” These increasingly popular talks encourage employee creativity and allow each person to present on virtually any topic that interests them.

With growing attendance, DES’ summer lecture series, “High Tea Talks,” have become a great avenue for employees to casually gather and discuss ideas. Other topics shared this year included:

  • Non-verbal Communication Tools and Tricks
  • Building a Pyramid of Success
  • Winery Architecture
  • Healthcare Design
  • Infographics
  • Japanese Architecture
  • BioPhilia Solar Urbanism
  • Portland Public Schools

At times the presentation titles can be misleading – one may expect to hear about Portland’s public school system and suddenly realize they are learning much more than expected about a school being converted into a brewery or a bird’s yearly flock to an abandoned smokestack – but the fact remains, they are always interesting and engaging!

High Tea Talks are one of the many programs that help DES employees achieve a balanced lifestyle. In recognition of this, the San Francisco Business Times named DES the #1 Healthiest Employed in the mid-sized company category two years running. DES continues to roll out the creative carpet and stimulate employee interest with their annual holiday programs as the year comes to a close, and everyone is excited to see what presentations will happen next year.