PALO ALTO, California—January 31, 2013—Giving DES the Arnold Sofrenko Award, Canopy honored DES for its significant contribution to the local urban forest through the preservation of a mature oak tree as part of the 265 Lytton project at its 17th Annual Party.


Every year, Canopy, acknowledges selected community members that have made a significant contribution to the health of Palo Alto’s urban forest. DES is thrilled to receive a 2013 award for its landscape work on 265 Lytton. DES configured the new three-story building to wrap around the heritage coast live oak and the historic Tinney Building, creating a charming courtyard centered on the majestic oak.

Recently, DES received another award for 265 Lytton, the Citation for Public Architecture from AIA San Mateo County for how well the development fit in the downtown Palo Alto

To find out more information about the award or to see a full list of recipients, please check out Canopy’s website:

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Canopy protects and grows the urban forest in Palo Alto and neighboring communities. Canopy’s mission is to educate, inspire, and engage youth, residents, schools, businesses, and government agencies to protect and enhance local urban forests.