Roche Sequencing

Santa Clara, CA

From early conversations, the design team knew that Genia’s mission — to develop new genetic testing technologies — required open, connected spaces that break down barriers and facilitate interaction between disciplines. Efficiently space planning for the long floor plate, the company’s office and lab spaces were programmed in two continuous bands that run the length of the building with the open office along the front and labs oriented along the back. This reduced the distance between each scientists’ lab bench and workstation. Situated between the offices and labs, a row of conference spaces face each way, making it easy for teams to pop into a room. The labs feature modular furniture that can be quickly reconfigured to meet their changing needs. Plus, newly-added skylights bring in natural light and large glass windows visually connect the labs to the interior corridor and the open office. Combining diverse research and work settings, Genia’s new home presents an active, fluid environment that propels the company towards scientific advancements.

    project features

    • 60,000-sf lab and office build-out
    • 16,575 sf of electronics labs
    • 26,900 sf of wet labs: chemistry and biology
    • eight new skylights
    • open office | conference spaces
    • large break room with nano-walls

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