Grail HQ

Menlo Park, California

For this growing company’s new workplace, the design team worked closely with Grail’s leadership to understand their brand and culture. Channeling their youthful and relaxed culture, the design team integrated strategic accents of purple—a primary brand color—alongside raw industrial materials like metal screens and reclaimed wood accent walls to create a warm, comfortable space. A two-story, multi-purpose break area was integrated as a primary component of their workspace. This 500-person space is configurable for events and collaborative meetings with two projection screens, acoustic comfort solutions, and operable walls. At the center ring of the workplace, there is an intricate network of meeting places: casual lounge spaces, central micro-kitchens, comfortable phone rooms, and music rooms. The central location provides easy access to these resources by everyone.

    project features

    • 73,700-sf tenant improvement
    • sequencing labs
    • PCR labs, Pre-PCR labs, and Post-PCR labs
    • BSL2 labs
    • flexible open office with central break area
    • two-story dining & all-hands space
    • multiple types of collaboration spaces

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