1900 Broadway

Redwood City, CA

Revitalizing the Jefferson-Main block of Redwood City, 1900 Broadway is a neoclassical, seven-story building bringing commercial, retail, and affordable housing to the heart of downtown. Down the street from Courthouse Square, the new development adds to the thriving, pedestrian-friendly district, contributing to the continued growth and success of businesses along Broadway and Main streets. Light-filled retail spaces on the ground floor extend the commercial corridor and encircle a new plaza, open to the public. Intended to enhance and complement programming at the Courthouse Square, the large, family-friendly plaza replaces an underutilized parking lot with a lush, publicly-accessible space for community enjoyment. A full suite of amenities at the plaza, from public wifi and a child-friendly fountain, to lawn games and art sculptures, comes together to create a vibrant downtown destination.

project features

    • 7-story mixed-use building
    • 225,000-sf office space
    • over 70 affordable housing units
    • 10,000-sf ground-floor retail
    • 11,000-sf public plaza
    • LEED platinum
    • all electric

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