3045 Park Blvd

Palo Alto, California

Located in Palo Alto’s California Avenue district, 3045 Park Blvd. is a new, two-story R&D building with flexible, indoor-outdoor workspaces. The simple, box-like form emphasizes a horizontal character through wide panes of glass, continuous metal sunshades, and a deep roof overhang that wrap around the building. Contrasting this, the building entry and lobby design creates a visual focus along the streetfront. Full-height structural glass and an articulated elevator tower are designed to draw in visitors. Complementing this, a paved entry plaza and landscaped berms will create a welcoming environment for pedestrians and offer relief from the street. Parking is located underneath and behind the building, deemphasizing the car and promoting alternative means of transit.

project features

    • 31,500 rentable square feet
    • 1.3 Acre Site
    • Richly Landscaped Outdoor Amenities and patios
    • Underground and Surface parking (4/1,000 square feet)
    • LEED Gold
    • All-Electric

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