855 Main Street

Redwood City, CA

Restoring the historic Main Street corridor, 855 Main St. is envisioned as a neoclassical, mixed-use building. The project maintains and enhances three historic storefronts from the 1920’s, helping to continue the streets legacy as the City’s first commercial core and pedestrian axis. With their small-scale character and neoclassical details, these restored stores will create a varied and stimulating experience for pedestrians. In keeping with this, the massing for the building is lower along Main Street and gradually steps up four stories along Walnut Street. This stepped massing creates several terraces that will overlook Main Street and add to its growing sense of activity.

project features

    • 85,700-sf mixed-use building
    • historic preservation
    • ground-floor retail
    • four stories of office
    • three rooftop terraces
    • two levels of underground parking

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