Oakland, CA

Valuing creative problem solving, open communication, and close relationships, the fast-growing technology team moving into 1330 Broadway quickly identified their need for a hackathon event space early in the design process. The design team responded by programming a flexible open space—that could hold hackathons after-hours—in the middle of the office. To provide maximum value, the space was designed to function for a variety of activities: taking lunch breaks, playing afternoon games, and hosting inter-company hackathons. Operable glass walls sandwich this central space, enabling it to be independently secured when hosting the large events. Unconventional work settings were also integrated within the workstation neighborhoods: a library for quiet study, a casual social lounge, and a plethora of small meeting spaces.

project features

    • 16,000-sf tenant improvement
    • central hack-a-thon space
    • operable walls | movable furniture
    • open office plan
    • multiple types of collaboration spaces

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