Moffett Towers II

Sunnyvale, CA

With its central greenspace, expansive amenities building, and five LEED Platinum office buildings, Moffett Towers II sets a new benchmark for tech campuses. 

Fully leased by Amazon and Facebook, the five buildings feature a rhythmic pattern of glass and metal panels, with articulated clear glass elements that maximize indoor-outdoor connectivity. The seven-acre greenspace is the main organizing element of the campus: it links the buildings together, offers recreation opportunities, and creates an uninterrupted, vehicle-free zone. It is intended to enhance social interaction, facilitate collaboration, promote physical activity, and inspire creativity. 

Within the greenspace, a sprawling natural forest creates a restorative and contemplative space for users to step away from the traditional workplace. In this woodsy environment, the dense tree canopy creates enclosure and separation from the rest of the campus. 

project features

    • 47-acre campus master plan
    • 1.8 million sf of office space
    • five, 8-story buildings
    • two-story, 52,500-sf amenity building
    • 10-acre central greenspace
    • three parking structures
    • fully leased to Amazon and Facebook
    • LEED CS & NC Platinum

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