Waibun Lee


Associate Principal | Project Executive

Waibun Lee is a visual communications expert with over 27 years of experience at DES. He is passionate about bringing complex and technical design ideas to life, presenting them with clarity, beauty, and conviction to help clients achieve their goals. With a hands-on approach and collaborative style, Waibun leads the visual communications department, which he has grown and nurtured to excel in a highly competitive market. His deep expertise, unwavering commitment to excellence, and friendly, approachable manner make him a trusted advisor and a respected leader in the field of visual communication.

At DES, Waibun is driven by a desire to see his clients satisfied, knowing that his team’s work has helped them get their projects approved or their spaces leased. He takes pride in delivering visually stunning and technically sound design communication solutions that exceed expectations. In addition to his extensive experience in 3D visualization, animation, and branding, Waibun is always looking for new ways to innovate and improve his work. He has recently been experimenting with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in design communication, exploring the possibilities of AI-powered tools such as generative design and machine learning algorithms to streamline workflows and generate new design options.