Mixed Use

Mixed-use projects are a reflection of and response to an urban fabric. As designers introducing a new building, DES provides functionality, flexibility, and beauty to match local environments. Our design language reflects textures, materials, colors, scale, as well as overall character and style of a neighborhood.
855 Main Street
181 Fremont Public Lobbies
1900 Broadway
265 Lytton
3045 Park Blvd


Today’s workplace emphasizes expressing company culture, facilitating teamwork, and creating a sense of place. We design workplaces that support creative and productive work, balancing the needs of employee and employer. DES uses innovative workplace strategies to determine priorities for each client, while leveraging real estate and operating costs.
Moffett Towers II
Tech Company
Accel-KKR HQ
Moffett Place

Life Science

As the epicenter of innovation, the San Francisco Bay Area’s life science industry demands environments flexible enough for people to effortlessly transition from workplace to research and back. Our life science practice group has the insight and experience to create dynamic spaces to serve the industry’s top innovators and their ever-evolving needs.
The Cove
PacBio HQ
The Shore at Sierra Point
Roche Sequencing
Grail HQ


Innovative educational design assists with the connection between the subjects students study and the world around them. Since 1994, we have designed over 1,000 school and college projects. Our educational projects benefit from our breadth of experience and familiarity with great schools—ones that inspire students to discover, teachers to educate, and staff to lead.
Skyline B12
Design Tech High School
Woodland School
UC Irvine: Stem Cell Research
UC Irvine: Biological Sciences
De Anza: Performing Arts Center


Today’s healthcare approach embraces the idea of prevention. Our health & wellness facility designs reflect this shift from reactive to proactive, focusing on quality of workplace for caregivers, creating comfortable experiences for patients, and integrating new technologies that enhance healthcare delivery. Since 1987, we’ve completed over 300 healthcare projects.
Crossover Near-Site Center
UC Irvine: Eye Institute
Sutter Health Almaden Clinic
Facebook Health Center
Fair Oaks Health Center
Petaluma Health Center