250-270 Homer

Palo Alto, California

DES designed this three-story, mixed-use building to fit the aesthetic of the surrounding neighborhood while preserving the mature landscape. Comprised of office and residential spaces, 250-270 Homer is located in the South Forest District of Palo Alto. It combines new construction with two historically significant buildings: AME ZionChurch and the French Laundry. By engaging the design review board, comprised of the Palo Alto Architectural Review members, Palo Alto Historical Review members, and Palo Alto Director of Planning, DES helped pass a new zoning designation specifically for this project. This review process was established to preserve the existing historical buildings, as well as obtain consent for the new building’s design.

project highlights

  • 38,000-sf three-story mixed-use building
  • 30,000 sf of offices | 30,000 sf of residential units
  • integration of new building with two existing historic structures
  • historic preservation
  • new zoning designation