Britannia East Grand

South San Francisco, California

As a self-contained campus, Britannia East Grand was designed to be an efficient, high-quality work environment with flexible floor plates and shared service yards — a spec campus to attract a variety of tenants. Within a year of its completion, the entire campus was leased by a pharmaceutical giant and now serves as an expansion to their existing campus. They enjoy centralized site amenities including a restaurant, a fitness facility, and a child care center, as well as numerous walking and jogging paths, pedestrian plazas, and outdoor recreational facilities.

project features

  • 29-acre, 780,000-sf campus
  • five 3-story and three 4-story R&D and office buildings
  • two parking structures
  • over 37% of the site is dedicated to usable open space
  • amenities building: restaurant, fitness facility & childcare center
  • volleyball courts | outdoor amphitheater
DES has consistently performed at the highest levels in HCP's portfolio making them a valued team member and partner. Jon Bergschneider, Executive VP, HCP Life Science Estates