Intrexon, a leader in synthetic biology, tasked DES to design open laboratories conducive to scientific study and research while also reflecting the company’s identity and culture. To create a healthy, productive environment, daylighting was a top priority. The three biology labs are located along the longest side of the building with maximized window sizes. Clerestories run the length of the opposite wall, allowing more light to penetrate into the lab space. To improve wayfinding, the company’s brand colors were utilized on accent walls that extend out from the labs into the corridor — serving as clear entry identifiers. By providing an active, life-filled environment, the thoughtfully-designed laboratories artfully celebrates the scientific breakthroughs happening within.

project features

  • 24,860-sf lab and office space
  • three open biology laboratories
  • molecular lab | analytical lab | fermentation lab
  • future pilot plant
  • daylighting strategies
  • open and private offices