Menlo Medical Clinic

Menlo Park, California

More capacity. More access. More service. Menlo Medical needed it and DES delivered by providing full tenant-improvement design and engineering services for the 50-year old office building, collaborating with the medical team to maximize staff workflow efficiency and minimize stress. The space offers a coordinated approach to primary and specialty medicine to provide basic medical needs in one location. This project addressed HIPAA concerns with careful planning and a focus on patient privacy. To create a calm and comforting aesthetic, the team reduced the institutional feel as much as possible with well-chosen finishes. The attention to detail paid off; the thoughtful design has a positive effect on those who visit and work within the space.

project features

  • 15,650-sf, two-level medical clinic in multi-tenant building
  • primary care clinic with specialty medical services
  • dermatology department
  • ear, nose & throat (ENT) specialist
  • radiology | audiology | gastroenterology
  • family medicine | obstetrical & gynecology (OB/GYN)
  • laboratory services