Moffett Towers

Moffett Towers provides a bustling campus setting and pristine outdoor amenities. Mature trees and well-adapted plants perfectly complement the built environment. With pedestrian walkways threading the campus, the buildings are well-connected and the outdoors are ripe with activity. One of the highlights of the landscape is an oversized, elliptical berm that breaks up one of the main courtyards into smaller more-intimate spaces. Shaded with continuous tree canopies, the seating areas are well-positioned to allow for relaxation and social interaction. Public art, including fountains and sculptural pieces, pervades the entire pedestrian experience and adds another level of richness to the users. The well-connected and compelling landscape helps establish Moffett Towers as a gateway to Silicon Valley.

project features

  • maintained mature trees
  • 160 foot elliptical tapered berm
  • major pedestrian walkways thread the campus
  • natural storm water processing
  • LEED CS Gold Certified
  • 52-acre corporate campus