San Diego, California

The interiors for Nokia required both high-level security and employee-friendly features. In an accelerated 32-week schedule, all floors of the cold-shell building were built out, including a floor supporting a main server room and secure R&D labs. Our design team integrated focus rooms, touchdown areas, and scrum rooms, and worked closely with employee user groups to develop community areas on each floor with a custom-designed spa, sports bar, and coffee shop-themed employee spaces.

project features

  • 197,000-sf interior build-out
  • fast-track schedule: 32-week schedule
  • 6,400-sf full-service kitchen and servery
  • 350-seat cafeteria
  • 3,000-sf main server room
  • 5,000-sf fitness facility
  • 32,000 sf of secured research and development labs
  • LEED CI Gold Certified