Pacific Shores Center

Pacific Shores Center is a next-generation corporate campus designed to integrate workplaces, recreation, and nature. A central pedestrian spine runs throughout the campus linking the buildings to the site amenities and public park areas. With a focus on the bay-side site, the project restored 135 acres of wetlands and incorporated grassy swales to naturally filter stormwater.  Noninvasive trees, shrubs, and ground cover were carefully selected for the campus’ groundwater irrigation system. To maintain the idyllic setting, tall trees and sculpted earth mounds were created on the site perimeter to buffer sound and views of the adjacent industrial neighbors.

project features

  • 1.5 million-sf R&D and office development
  • 107-acre corporate campus
  • 50 acres of publicly accessible parks and recreational areas
  • 2 miles of bay-front trails
  • 1,500-seat outdoor amphitheater