Sunnyvale, California

Our visioning sessions with Rambus leadership built ideas that were fundamental for the company’s new space. Through inspiring conversations about space, interaction, culture, and brand, we came upon a “watering hole” concept. Rather than squeezing individual break rooms into dispersed locations on three floors, we created one large space for gathering — a place where food is the central theme and people come together at any time. Beloved by employees, the watering hole is open, colorful, and convenient. It is placed adjacent to a central open stair that provides vertical connectivity among three floors. Rated LEED CI 3.0 Platinum, this project was delivered on a fast-track, 36-week schedule.

project features

  • 126,000-sf tenant improvement
  • fast-track schedule: 36 weeks from design to completion
  • LEED CI Platinum Certified

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