Stanford: Crothers Hall

Stanford, California

Modern student residences need to be technology-driven, secure, and comfortable. Due to demand, Stanford’s plan to convert outdated graduate dorms into 21st-century undergraduate residences needed to be delivered in time for the fall semester, while expanding from 240 to 375 beds. The former pub was transformed into a large student lounge area with a flexible furniture layout. Multimedia spaces, a music room, and offices were programmed into the lower level to create a true Stanford-style learning environment. In addition to an interior upgrade, the large central courtyard was reconfigured with updated walkways, outdoor seating and gathering spaces, parking for 375 bikes, and a large open lawn for events.

project features

  • 102,000-sf, three-building renovation
  • exterior building modifications and site improvements
  • 375-bed dormitory
  • student lounge area with computer, media, and music rooms
  • gender-neutral restroom and shower facilities
  • courtyard and walkway upgrades with 375-capacity bike rack