The Harker School: Science and Technology Building

San Jose, California

The Harker School’s new science and technology building reflects the school’s commitment to next-generation technologies and teaching methods. Built in the heart of the existing campus, DES integrated 22 labs and classrooms, a 200-seat lecture hall, and a large forum space. All aspects of the building are designed for learning and are sustainable, encouraging scientific thinking and curiosity. A suspended Foucault pendulum demonstrates the earth’s rotation in the glazed curtain wall rotunda. Audiovisual systems allow worldwide sharing of science experiments from the lecture room. Sustainable features include a green roof, photovoltaic panels, infrastructure for a fuel cell, and eco-friendly materials and finishes.

project features

  • 55,800-sf, two-story classroom building
  • 200-seat lecture hall
  • 22 classrooms and labs
  • robotics room
  • audiovisual systems for worldwide sharing
  • photovoltaic panels | green roof
  • infrastructure for fuel cell
  • LEED NC Gold Certified

awards & recognition

  • Construction Communications, Real Estate & Construction Review, Building of America Award