UC Irvine: Social & Behavioral Sciences Building

Irvine, California

The new Social and Behavioral Sciences Building incorporates clinical research labs, instructional spaces, faculty/research offices, administration, and computer labs, as well a common campus surge space. The ground level is programmed solely for graduate and undergraduate meeting/work rooms and includes a 2,000-sf colloquium room. DES developed alternative design solutions to update conceptual designs by another architect. To speed up the process and reduce costs, we traded proposed materials for more cost-effective alternatives and reconfigured HVAC systems. The initial number of HVAC units was reduced to two instead of five, resulting in lower initial expenses as well as lower operating and maintenance costs. Further cost-savings enabled a fifth floor to be added to the final design. This campus landmark, won by design/build competition, maintains DES’s strong architectural presence on campus.

project features

  • 114,000-sf, five-story campus landmark
  • clinical research and instructional building
  • clinical research labs | MRI labs
  • MEG & Anechoic chamber suite
  • faculty and research office | administration spaces
  • campus surge space
  • LEED NC Gold Certified
  • design/build competition with Hathaway Dinwiddie