Fair Oaks Health Center

Redwood City, California

Consolidating three facilities into an integrated, high-performing medical center, the design of the new Fair Oaks Clinic provides a space to deliver the best patient care while reflecting the culture of the surrounding area.  To embrace the Hispanic community, the building incorporates modernist Mexican architectural elements with small windows, a rectangular form, and a painted cement plaster facade. On the front side, an articulated stairwell is showcased through a striking panel of three-story high windows — encouraging visitors to use the stairs as part of a more active lifestyle. Designed with a focus on operational efficiency, automated check-in kiosks and multiple small waiting rooms increase patient throughput by directing people to care-specific locations quickly. As a result, the new clinic is estimated to serve 8,000 more patient visits each year.

project features

  • 36,000-sf, three-story health center
  • Phased project | OSHPD 3
  • Pediatric & adult primary care clinics
  • Behavioral health
  • Dental | optometry | OB/GYN
  • Pharmacy | laboratory
  • Administration offices | community conference rooms
  • Outdoor patio
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