A successful project is the result of a close collaboration between the client and the architect’s team. Combining thoughtful design and strong project management skills, DES architects work closely with our clients to translate their vision into sustainable solutions that help shape our environment. From a careful analysis of the project requirements, client’s goals, and budget concerns, the end result reflects our commitment to fulfilling our client’s needs and the needs of our community.

Interior Design

Our specialists in interior design, programming, and space planning work with our clients to create original aesthetic designs that serve our clients’ functional needs and represent the clients’ style. Knowledgeable in the latest innovative materials and design concepts, our interior design team balances project requirements and budgetary parameters to provide aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sensitive solutions that reflect our clients’ vision.

Structural Engineering

The DES structural team offers a complete range of structural engineering consulting services through architects or directly to public and private institutions. Our group specializes in the structural design of new buildings and the seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of existing buildings. The success and reputation of our department is built on our philosophy of applying state-of-the-art technology in earthquake resistant design, providing responsive service and developing creative, economical solutions for each project.

Civil Engineering

Engineering is one of the most essential aspects of modern society. Using advanced engineering technique and relying on our wealth of past experience, DES’ civil engineering team works with in-house architects and designers, as well as outside clients, to come up with various alternatives for site and building design. By weighing the different features of the land, and refining and optimizing them, we are able to enhance the project design, provide the best result for the end users, and minimize the impact to the natural environment.

Landscape Architecture

A beautiful setting enhances any building, whether highlighting a site’s natural features or creating something entirely new. We honor the unique sense of place inherent to each site and focus on tying together the natural features of the site with the built environment.  We have a long standing reputation in the Bay Area for delivering forward-thinking landscape designs that require environmentally-friendly approaches, micro-climate specific plants and materials, and integration with the surrounding community.


The visual communications team helps clients envision their project in advance, in finished form. Using the latest graphic design, 3D modeling, and animation software, the team brings a project to life through still and in-motion renderings. These computer-generated models offer a virtual tour through the proposed spaces, providing a powerful presentation tool for stakeholders and to help facilitate the entitlement process. From theater-ready fly-by animations to simple PDF images, every project benefits from high quality visuals.

Green Business Consulting

DES’ green building consulting group is a team of energy-conscious, resource-conserving professionals who review and recommend all available environmentally-responsible opportunities. Providing leadership and coordination, we also help clients navigate through the Cal-Green and LEED certification processes. With over 5 million sf of designed sustainable space, DES’ approach to green environments integrates design, planning, and energy principles in the earliest phases of a project with focused priorities and goals.