D.tech at DES 111th and 12th graders clicked away: drawing lines and shapes, dragging and dropping surfaces into 3D forms, and rendering out professional-quality images. Making a quick impact, five Design Tech High School (d.tech) students recently joined DES as interns for two weeks.

DES hosted the students as part of d.tech’s intersession program, which is a two-week elective class that enables the high schooler’s to take a deep dive into a variety of industries and disciplines. This provides students with valuable experiences outside the traditional school context.

“The students brought an extraordinarily high-level of creativity and genuine interest,” said Waibun Lee, Associate Principal and Director of Visual Communications. “The opportunity to work one-on-one with the students was invaluable. It became a learning experience for our team members thanks to the student’s fresh perspectives and engaged thinking.”

Based on their interest, each student was matched with an industry professional that has a specialized role in architectural design process. The students worked on a variety of mentor-specified tasks and produced real deliverables.

Working with Demetrios Kanakis, one d.tech student got hands-on experience verifying AutoCAD drawings in the field. This young designer visited a job site in an Oakland high-rise, measured building features, and reconciled measurements with corresponding drawings. Meanwhile, Sophie Dvorkin, a d.tech student interested in graphic design, utilized Autodesk’s 3DS Max to create photorealistic renderings for a new fitness center in Menlo Park.D.tech at DES 2 v2

“I had so much fun and a great experience being a part of the Design Team,” said Ashley Fong, a Junior at d.tech. “It was really interesting listening in on a mock project pitch, analyzing parking spaces, and using software I’ve never used before. I learned a lot and I’m really glad I was able to be an intern!

DES is excited to continue the firm’s growing relationship with d.tech and is looking forward to the opening of the school’s new 64,000-square foot facility on Oracle’s campus in the winter of 2018.

About Design Tech High School

Design Tech High School (d.tech) is an innovative free, public charter school authorized by the San Mateo Union High School District. d.tech makes students innovation-ready by helping them develop skills that are critical to success in the 21st century—skills like collaboration, creativity, self-management, and communication. A d.tech education offers an opportunity to practice collaborative problem-solving strategies (Design) as well as build confidence handling ever-evolving technological tools (Tech).